Cooking Trick- Soaking fish in milk to get rid of smell

Cook a lot of fish or seafood? Then this is a trick for you! So easy and unbelievably helpful. Check it out. This cooking trick for getting rid of the smell of fish was courtesy of my favorite lady. It has been life-changing when it comes to cooking fish. My late mother Patsy (she hated that name) taught me this trick, which has helped so much over the years. We have all experienced getting home from the fishmonger and the fish or shellfish smells a little fishy. I always smell the fish before I buy it, but occasionally when I get home it still smells. I am not talking It’s time to throw it out fishy, but just a little.

Well if you put the seafood in a bowl and add cold milk, cover it and let it sit in the fridge for about a half hour the smell goes away. Then just rinse it off, pat it dry and cook as you normally would. I have used this trick on haddock, cod, swordfish and shrimp. I have never tried it with salmon or anything else.

I don’t know why it works, but it does!

If you are interested in more tips then check out the tips and tricks page on my blog Sunday Chefs.

2 thoughts on “Cooking Trick- Soaking fish in milk to get rid of smell

  1. Sound advice! Got this trick from my mom many years ago because it also helps with harsh flavors. I’m not the biggest seafood eater, but this helps mellow out strong fishy flavors. It’s a huge help with salmon! I believe it breaks down enzymes as a part of the ‘why it works.’

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