Restaurant Reviews

I love to eat out and it is hard to do with the multiple food allergies in our family. We have been to a lot of great restaurants and I would like to share some unsolicited restaurant reviews. I do my research and would like to share what I have learned. Enjoy!

Roscioli Con Salumeria, Rome

Roscioli Salumeria Con Cucina, Rome Italy

When I let my sister know that I was going to Rome all she kept saying was you need to go to Roscioli Salumeria Con Cucina located in the heart of Rome!  We were most definitely looking for restaurants in Rome to try, so I was keen on any recommendations that she had. She and… Continue reading →

Sweet Chick, Lower East Side of New York

Visiting New York City a few weeks ago and we wanted desperately to try Katz Deli, but when we got there the line was around the corner and it was cold out. So we headed back to our hotel and were just wandering. Have never explored the Lower East Side before, lots of cools spots… Continue reading →

Tompkins Square Bagels NYC – A must see!

Our daughter lives in New York City and we are having the best time visiting her and letting her show us the New York City that we have never seen. I have done all the touristy stuff, now I want to go to the street fairs and parks that I never knew existed. But the… Continue reading →

The Chieftain Pub, Plainville Ma.

Sometimes you go to a restaurant to get something to eat, but sometimes the meaning is greater. I have always believed that food is memories. When you eat that meal your grandmother always made you are honoring her and remembering her. That is how I feel when I go to The Chieftain Pub in Plainville,… Continue reading →

La Scala in Trastevere, Rome

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all – Helen Keller I am sitting at my desk today dreaming of Rome… There is nothing like it and now that I have been there I will never be the same. Strolling through Trastevere over the cobblestones on a warm night with family has always… Continue reading →

Fishermen’s View Seafood Market & Restaurant in Sandwich, MA

This week we were driving home from Cape Cod and got stuck in a massive traffic jam. One of the Cape Cod Canal bridges was closed and all the traffic was diverted to the other one. After two hours of following Waze all over the place, we decided to stop for something to eat. After… Continue reading →

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