Sweet Chick, Lower East Side of New York

Visiting New York City a few weeks ago and we wanted desperately to try Katz Deli, but when we got there the line was around the corner and it was cold out. So we headed back to our hotel and were just wandering. Have never explored the Lower East Side before, lots of cools spots to try. We walked by a very fun looking place called Sweet Chick. We had never heard of it but the food being delivered to people at the outdoor dining looked amazing.

We decided this was the place and settled in. The waitress was very helpful and we all decided to get the Original Chicken and Waffles (three classic and one Nashville Hot). This restaurant is legit.. Southern Comfort Food or New American Comfort as they like to call it may just be my new favorite. We have had numerous conversations in our house about craving Sweet Chick, but unless they add one in Boston, we will need to get back to New York soon.

Sweet Chick is located at 178 Ludlow Street, NY, NY 10002 but there are also locations in Williamsburg, Prospects Heights, Long Island City and Los Angeles. I am thinking the Greater Boston Area should be on their radar. Check it out next time you are in New York.