I have products that I love and endorse (unsolicited) while receiving no credit or compensation and those are located on the Product Reviews page. But I also have my own products that I have created for you to enjoy and those will be listed there.

You Can Do This My Friend – Breast Cancer Journal & Planner. Keep Your Thoughts, Questions & Life In Order

If you have recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and are completely overwhelmed, this book, You Can Do This My Friend – Breast Cancer Journal & Planner. Keep Your Thoughts, Questions & Life In Order, is for you. A journal/notebook to keep track of all the details was a lifesaver for our family. 50% of all profits go to Mass General Cancer Center… Continue reading →

Travel Journal

Five minutes a day to record your wanderings, adventures, weather, location, cocktails, whatever you wish.
Each page provides space for you to note the Date, Location, Weather, and jot down your own notes.
Handsome page-a-day journal design features travel and cloud motifs.
Perfect size to fit in your carry-on luggage, backpack or purse.
Use to plan all the details of your wanderings and then record them all here for future reminiscing.
A great unisex gift for birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, graduations, celebrating your next adventure. Great gift for the student going abroad… Continue reading →

Nature Walks Journal: Love letters to long walks outdoors

Whether it is walking, hiking or climbing, being in nature is a mindful endeavor that will bring peace to your world. Journaling is also a way to bring peace to your life. This beautifully crafted journal brings these two worlds together.… Continue reading →

Bohemian Writing Journal

PERFECT GIFT for the writer in your life. Journal/Diaries are great for daily reflection, journal, affirmations, sketching or just for notes on the go. Perfect for Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthday, Graduations…any special milestone.
GREAT SIZE – our 6″ x 9″ journal is the perfect size to fit in your bag, desk or bedside table. 200 pages of space for daily affirmations, mindfulness and reflections.… Continue reading →

Mindful Journal: Five Minute Daily Reflections

200 pages of mindful reflections
Record your gratitude, motivations, daily highlights, goals, affirmations, people you have met and what things to remember for the day.
Remind or help yourself to find the happiness and meaning that is there in your life.
Because today is always a new day and there is something good in every day.
Five minutes a day to more mindful life.… Continue reading →

Stupid Shit I Need to Get Off My Chest – The Journal You Really Need

h the world we live in today, self-help is a must and maybe a little humor to lighten the mood couldn’t hurt. My newest journal Stupid Shit I Need to Get Off My Chest – The Journal You Really Need makes a great gift for those that need a little stress relief in their life. … Continue reading →

Letter Tracing for Kids: Pre-K Writing Practice

Give your preschool aged child a headstart with fun and engaging letter writing practice sheets. This beginner handwriting book contains over 70 pages of brightly colored, creative tracing activities. A fun way to build confidence and improve penmanship all while teaching them letters and beginning spelling.… Continue reading →

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