Cancer Support

After my battle with Triple Positive Breast Cancer and participating in the Livestrong at the YMCA program I become so aware of how many people are battling Cancer. You may have a different cancer than someone but hearing the words “You have Cancer” just breaks you. It does not matter what kind of Cancer you have, there is nothing like hearing those words. Since then everyone always asks me, “My friend was just diagnosed and I want to do something. What can I do?” So, I feel that it is our duty to share the knowledge that we have gained with those who need it the most. The chaos and fear that surrounds a diagnosis is something no one should have to go through and I am collecting support tips and putting them here. Would love if you checked them out and shared with those who need them.

Prostate Cancer Journal and Calendar

For the Prostate Cancer patient in your life:
200 pages of journal/calendar pages to keep you organized and on track.
Doctor & specialist details
Prescription details (which you always need)
A year of calendar pages… Continue reading →

You Can Do This My Friend – Breast Cancer Journal & Planner. Keep Your Thoughts, Questions & Life In Order

If you have recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and are completely overwhelmed, this book, You Can Do This My Friend – Breast Cancer Journal & Planner. Keep Your Thoughts, Questions & Life In Order, is for you. A journal/notebook to keep track of all the details was a lifesaver for our family. 50% of all profits go to Mass General Cancer Center… Continue reading →

Some tips I’ve learned along the way – dealing with Breast Cancer.

I am a Breast Cancer survivor, warrior, patient, person that has been through a lot. I don’t like any of those terms. What I do know is I could not have done it without the help of friends, family, medical professionals and people who I did not know then but now consider family. Paying it… Continue reading →

Breast Cancer and the Black Apron

If you have been diagnosed Breast Cancer and are facing a mastectomy. The Black Apron is one of the best tips that I received on how to deal with the drains. Breast Cancer Awareness and helping to support our fellow patients is vital for dealing with cancer. If you know, you know…if you don’t, follow… Continue reading →

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