Product reviews

Here are some of my favorite products and these are unsolicited reviews. I am very loyal to the products I love and enjoy sharing them with all of you.

I also have a page for items that I create myself, located at Shop – Sunday Chefs.

Gluten Free Bagel Recommendation – O’Dough’s

So… I stumbled across these in the grocery store a while back and thought I would give them a try. O’Doughs Thins (Sesame Bagel Thin). I am glad that I did! Gluten Free products aren’t always the best, but these are really good. My husband requests them even though gluten is not an issue for… Continue reading →

Health-Ade Kombucha

After a long bout of cancer/chemotherapy, I am trying to get my body recovered and on the right track. One thing recommended to me was Kombucha for gut health. It is a wonderful Probiotic. I have tried numerous brands and had a hard time with all of them. That is until someone recommended Health-Ade Kombucha.… Continue reading →

Amy Knapp’s Big Grid Family Calendar

The Amy Knapp Big Grid Family Organizer Wall Calendar is the best calendar I have ever found. I use my electronic calendar, but I find it invaluable to have a big easy one posted in the kitchen as well. I have tried numerous other calendars but this one has lots of room for each day… Continue reading →

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