Prostate Cancer Journal and Calendar

During my Cancer Journey, I joined the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program and it was my lifeline. Meeting people going through the same thing in varying stages all while trying to get healthy has changed my life. At this time, I met my friend John who was battling Stage 4 Prostate Cancer and has dedicated his life to finding a cure. When I showed him the journal that I made for Breast Cancer he asked if we could do one for Prostate Cancer and this is what came of that conversation. When someone I know has been diagnosed with Cancer I always want to help in some way and giving a journal to help them get their thoughts in order and organize all the chaos is my go to gift now for anyone newly diagnosed with Cancer or any major illness for that matter.

This Prostate Cancer Journal and Calendar is for anyone who has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and needs some direction on how to keep all the details in order. A notebook to keep track of all the details was a lifesaver for our family in our Cancer Journey. This book includes:

  • 200 pages of journal/calendar pages to keep you organized and on track.
  • Doctor & specialist details
  • Prescription details (which you always need)
  • A year of calendar pages

Dedicated to my friend, John C. White III for his tireless work and inspiration. 30% of all profits go to Mass General Cancer Center. Available in both Hardcover ($39.99) and Paperback ($17.99) here.

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