Bobby Van’s SteakHouse, new york city

I am not in the business of writing restaurant reviews, but what the hell, I feel the need. My wonderful family took me to Bobby Van’s Steakhouse on Park Avenue in New York City last weekend for my birthday and it was an outstanding experience. There are a lot of steak places out there, but this is by far my favorite. I am not a steak everyday kind of person, but this place is the real deal. Having been to Bobby Van’s once before, I was thrilled to see that their dedication to superior dining was still there. The staff is outstanding and remembered us from our previous visit (Is that good or bad? .. You decide) There are a lot of us and we like our food and wine.

I have a daughter with food allergies and the staff went out of their way to understand and accommodate us, never making us feel that it was an imposition….what more can you ask for? If you want to know how the food was, here is a sampling ….

I would have been in heaven if this is all we had, but we had a little bit of everything and it was all cooked perfectly.

The sommelier knew I wanted a Chardonnay and surprised me with my new favorite wine. It is a 2012 Mer Soleil Silver Unoaked Chardonnay from California.  The wine is fabulous and the bottle is pretty fantastic too.  I almost asked for it to bring home, but I figured I should just go home and buy my own bottle ….or a case.

If you are looking for a fabulous meal and great service Bobby Vans on Park Avenue will give you a memorable experience.

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